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Absolute Sale

Digitization of work with clients, customization of document and letter templates

Field of activity:

Supply and sale of goods for the oil, gas, chemical and oil refining industries


Post office

Bitrix24 version:

Cloud: Standard


The Absolute Sale group of companies is engaged in the supply and sale of goods for the oil, gas, chemical and oil refining industries. All products are exported from Russia, Europe and the USA directly to the countries of the EAEU.

Founded in 2011, it works with the largest distributor factories in Russia, Europe and the USA and has representative offices in Russia and Kazakhstan.


Before the implementation of Bitrix24, the entire database and transactions with clients were conducted in Excel. It was necessary to digitize this process, transfer work with clients and suppliers to a convenient platform, and also:

  • Maintain a general database of orders
  • Request quotation marks for goods from several suppliers to compare and select the best offer
  • Control the purchase of goods and delivery times
  • Set up templates for all documents, such as contracts, invoices, closing documents, etc.
  • Connect mail and add letter templates at different stages of work, set up mailing lists


At the beginning of our work, we selected the optimal Bitrix24 tariff for the client and began step-by-step setup of the portal.

We connected the mail that is listed on the website, since the flow of Leads comes from it, and this is also the main channel of communication with suppliers.

We set up 2 funnels “Transactions with customers” and “Transactions with suppliers” and Contact, Company and Transaction cards. They added the necessary fields that will be filled in during the transaction process.

For each funnel, we set up work stages (stages), which include all communication with the customer and suppliers, approval of documents, ordering and delivery of goods. We also set up stages in case of cancellation of a transaction or delivery for further analysis (at some of these stages we added automatic notifications to the client/supplier via mail).

We added document templates and letter templates to the portal. Considering that the company has representative offices in Russia and Kazakhstan, we have added different texts, depending on the country from which the order was made.

We built interaction with the client using robots:

  • assigning tasks to the responsible specialist
  • automatic sending of letters taking into account the timing of the transaction (so that there are no delays at any stage), requesting information, reminders, etc.
  • generation and sending of documents at each stage: commercial proposal, contract, invoice, specification

And also interaction with suppliers:

  • letters to request CP
  • placing an order, signing documents
  • product delivery tracking

For the client, we provided training on working in the Bitrix24 system, showed each stage of the work and how the system itself performs certain actions.



Leads arrive from the mail and end up in a single database, the manager receives a notification that a new letter has arrived


Next, the manager decides whether he will conduct the transaction himself, or transfer it to the manager.

And based on the Lead, a Deal, Contact, and Company are created. The lead is closed as successful, and all work with the client is then carried out in the created transaction in the “Transactions with customers” funnel.

Transactions with customers

This transaction already contains all the data on the client and the product he requested. At each stage, automation is configured that will trigger certain actions (set tasks, send letters with documents, etc.).

When a deal is accepted, the responsible manager is tasked with preparing a proposal for the client.


The transaction moves to the “Search for Suppliers” stage and at this stage, a Transaction is created in the Transactions with Suppliers funnel to search and analyze the product market in order to select the best option.

From this moment the client begins to be informed at each stage.

When the product is found, we send the CP to the customer and agree with him. If the amount is appropriate, a contract and invoice are generated and sent.

If the client does not respond for a long time, the system will automatically send a second letter after 10 days with a reminder to view the CP

When the contract is signed and the invoice is paid, the manager will receive the task of Purchasing goods in a transaction with a supplier.

When the goods arrive at the warehouse, the system will transfer the transaction to the “Deliver the goods to the customer” stage.

After the customer receives the goods, the transaction is closed as Successful

Transactions with suppliers

By analogy with the funnel of work with customers, a funnel of transactions with suppliers has been set up, here there are other stages and tasks


In this transaction, there is a link to the customer’s order number and the search for the best solution begins.

If a company searches for more than 1 supplier, more deals will be created, with each supplier having its own deal.

Stage "Request has been sent"– here the manager receives the task “Receive CP from the supplier.” He sends out mailings using letter templates to different suppliers and requests information on the product.

When the supplier sends the CP for the order, he is automatically sent a letter requesting additional data


And the Responsible Manager receives the task "Determine the winner". He selects the most profitable option among all the submitted proposals, and closes the remaining transactions with suppliers, indicating his own stage for each.


And continues to work with the winning supplier

There is also a stage"Request a discount", where an automatic letter will be sent to the supplier asking for the maximum possible discount on the order.

Next stage"Supplier has been determined" the system itself sends an automatic letter to the selected supplier with a request to prepare an agreement, invoice and documents for the order.

And the manager receives the task of paying the Invoice upon receipt.

After paying the invoice, the manager controls the delivery of the goods to the warehouse. In this he is helped by tasks with reminders to monitor the status of goods and automatic letters that are sent to the supplier with a reminder of shipment.


When the goods have arrived at the warehouse, a letter with a signed UPD is sent to the partner.

And the manager moves on to the “Deliver the goods to the customer” task in the Transactions with Customers funnel.

This transaction is closed as successful.


Thanks to the implementation of Bitrix24 and automation of the company's processes, the time required to process an order has been significantly reduced. Transactions from the moment an application is received until the order is delivered to the client are now carried out in a single system, applications are not lost, and work occurs at a calmer pace.

It is convenient for a specialist to conduct market analysis, selecting the best products for the client and conducting transactions with suppliers.

A separate advantage of this system is the creation of documents in 1 click, which completely eliminates errors. And letters are always sent on time to both clients and suppliers, which reduces the manager’s workload.


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