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Brick & Co

Implementation of Bitrix24, automation of company processes

Field of activity:

Sale and delivery of building materials


Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate portal - 50


The company Brick and Co. is engaged in the sale and delivery of building materials in Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and surrounding regions. Sales are conducted through retail stores and an online store.


It was necessary to combine customer service, goods accounting, logistics department, production, and also automate company processes in one place.


During interviews with key employees, we identified the main tasks and conducted an audit of the company’s current business processes, on the basis of which we formed a solution architecture and work plan. After this, we began to implement the project.

We purchased a boxed Bitrix24, deployed a test and production portal, and set up a VPS server. We added employees to the portal, assigned roles and organizational structure, and provided them with training on the basic functionality of Bitrix24.

Work on setting up the portal

First of all, we implemented the big task of transferring all logistics to CRM. We set up a separate funnel with logistics stages, created a corresponding section in the company card and added custom fields.

We added a new filter to the CRM Contacts entity, by selecting which you can see a list of all drivers. We added auto-tasks for logisticians with SMS notifications for reviewing applications and searching for cars.

We organized a document register that takes into account the visibility of different types of documents for different departments. We created a universal “Products” list, directories of contacts and companies, transaction funnels and robots.

We set up a number of business processes for working between departments and with clients. We have developed a contact card that, depending on the type of contact, shows or does not show certain fields.


Sales employees use CRM to process orders and communicate with customers. The portal has its own task setting system. Work has been established with suppliers in production. The logistics department handles tasks ranging from finding a driver to delivering cargo to its destination. In addition to this, the portal also contains other important contacts and administrative processes that simplify work within the company.


All key departments are involved in Bitrix24: sales department, production, logistics. The sales department generates orders from different sources: online store and retail stores. Next, the order goes to production, where it is collected and transferred to logistics. The logistics department, in turn, finds a driver and arranges delivery to the client. The entire work process is automated; it is convenient for employees to track each stage of the order and plan further actions. Managers control the work of departments at every stage.

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