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GK Maksitorg

Implementation of document flow and process automation

Field of activity:

Rental business and commercial real estate management


Mango, PBX Megafon

Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate portal - 100


The management company "Maksitorg" is engaged in the rental business and management of commercial real estate.


It is necessary to implement a corporate portal for communication between employees of different departments and offices, maintaining general document flow, automating the coordination of routine operations and recording work with clients in CRM.

Set up inventory accounting at different facilities.

Add a form on the website to collect applications for cooperation in the real estate sector and organize their processing on the portal.


We deployed a production and test portal and connected it to the git version control system.

We filled out the company structure, personal data of employees, indicated positions, departments and distributed access rights.

We set up Mango telephony and Megafon virtual PBX.

80% of the project’s functionality is document flow; we implemented it for 6 shopping centers and medical offices.

Business processes

The client has 20 of its own legal entities, and a large number of operations that we have automated:

  • register and approval of contracts
  • issuance of original documents
  • register of incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • payment requests
  • register of closing documents and reconciliation acts
  • requests for planned work
  • payment register
  • other internal operations

We have made the process of approving a document universal with the ability to create templates and give them different names.

Human Resources Department

Set up a separate funnel"Human Resources Department", each employee has their own card.


Each stage has its own automation logic, which takes into account days of vacation, sick leave, salary, etc.

  • application for recruitment of new employees
  • application for leave/at own expense/dismissal
  • Registration of sick leave - a separate funnel has been set up in CRM, where each employee has his own card, which records all the information, how many days in the current year he has already been on sick leave, how many days are left.

We described some processes in more detail in the following articles:

Registration of sick leave in Bitrix24. Caring about health, not about approvals”

“We speed up the process of approval and registration of vacations”

Accounting for inventory items

We have created a register of inventory items. We set up a hierarchy of items/subitems for convenient accounting of inventory items. We implemented a chain of approvals in accordance with the client’s wishes. We ensured integration with other processes on the portal (creation of inventory items from the “Payment Applications” process).

Convenient search and filtering of objects in the register allow you to quickly find all the information on the goods and materials that interest us. Now more than 1,000 inventory items are stored there in 7 company offices and the number continues to grow.

We described this entire process in the articleAccounting for inventory items (materials and materials)


On the site We have added a form by filling which the client can submit a request for cooperation in the real estate industry.

We set up a separate funnel for these requests. We appointed a person responsible for this area of transactions and added a supervisory employee. We set up automation related to the processing of these transactions (setting tasks with order information, notifications to employees, monitoring deadlines and reminders). We stylized the forms to match the colors and style of the client’s website.

These requests go to the portal in a separate transaction funnel “Applying from the site.” The responsible employee receives a notification and takes the task to work.


Employees work daily in Bitrix24, communication is established between different departments, and routine actions are automated.

We overcame the resistance of the HR department employees, since they were used to working in 1C. But with the introduction of Bitrix24, it became convenient to manage all tasks in one place, without switching between different programs and to control all personnel processes.

Well-established document flow in the company allows you to track documents at any stage of approvals and store them in one place.

And requests from the site are quickly processed and are not lost.


The portal has become an environment that combines the company’s main work processes for various types of business. We continue to work with the client, adding and automating processes on the Bitrix24 portal.

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