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Sales automation, integration with GetCourse

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Training courses



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1C-Bitrix24: Corporate Portal - 100


Julia Trus is the founder of the Moscow Academy of Economics and Development (MAER), an educational institution for additional personal and corporate training in sales and marketing.

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We applied to implement Bitrix24. The company already had a cloud portal, but the previous integrators were not able to fully complete the full implementation and it was decided to re-conduct a comprehensive analysis of business needs and audit all available settings on the portal.

Since the company sells online and offline courses, most of the work was done on the GetCourse online learning platform, so one of the most important aspects of the implementation was the integration of two independent Bitrix24 and GetCourse systems, as well as maintaining sales analytics in a single place. Moreover, there was a problem of double work on an order, when work with the same client was carried out in two systems, while the transaction and the order were not synchronized with each other.


To solve the problems of the company, a number of works were carried out to configure the CRM block, developed its own integration module for Bitrix24 and GetCourse, and developed an application for generating analytical reports that is not implemented by standard tools. Also, as part of the optimization and improvement of these and future developments, a transition was made from the cloud version of the portal to the boxed one.


Connected communication channels

  • Improved integration with sites on Tilda: the ability to search for and add an existing contact in CRM to the card was added to the lead generation handler;
  • integration with WhatsApp through the Wazzup service;
  • connection and integration of the Carrot Quest service;
  • connection and configuration of Bitrix24 telephony.

Lead and deal funnels set up:

  • setting up lead statuses;
  • setting up deal funnels and their stages:
    • “Incoming requests” - for processing applications from new and current customers;
    • “GetCourse Orders” – deals are automatically created in this funnel for created orders from the GetCourse service;
    • “Payments” - a funnel with which the accountant works, transactions are created in it to process payments for customer orders;
    • “Refunds” is a funnel in which refunds for customer orders are processed.
  • connection and integration of the Carrot Quest service;
  • connection and configuration of Bitrix24 telephony.

Added custom fields in the CRM entities and configured the general view of the cards.

Set up CRM directories.

Commodity items have been normalized and a 3-level hierarchy of the product catalog has been created.


Robots in leads and deals have been set up to automatically set tasks and change stages

Business processes created:

  • Automatic creation of leads for self-created orders by customers, as well as when registering for free trial lessons.
  • For manual linking and synchronization of the transaction and the order: the manager enters the order number in the transaction, which in turn is automatically created in the order funnel, and all the necessary information on the order (product, how much is paid, how much is left to pay, etc.) becomes available in the card of that transactions with a client.
  • To create and control payment, the manager fills in the necessary payment data in the transaction card, attaches files or screenshots and starts a business process that automatically creates a new transaction in the “Payments” funnel with all the information on the payment, as a result, an accountant working with this funnel , receives the task of reconciliation and confirmation of each payment. When the accountant confirms the full payment for the order in the associated transaction, the stage is automatically changed to successfully completed without the participation of the responsible manager.
  • To create a refund for an order, the manager starts a business process in the transaction card, and a transaction is created in the “Refunds” funnel with the necessary information to process the refund


1. Own integration of Bitrix24 with the GetCourse service was developed, which allows:

  • automatically create deals for created orders in GetCourse;
  • check for the presence of an existing client or create a new client and link it to the created deal;
  • synchronize the transaction status in Bitrix24 with the order status in GetCourse;
  • transfer and update information about the amount of payment and how much is left to pay;
  • transfer other information from the order, including the product that is matched with the Bitrix24 product according to the hierarchy and substituted into the deal.

2. An application for building analytical reports has been developed. Based on the application, it is possible to build advanced reports by products, which is not available in the standard functionality of Bitrix24.

The application has a conversion report and a financial report. They are showing:

  • number of transactions and leads by manager, department, product, tariff, source;
  • conversion by manager, department, product, tariff, source;
  • average check by manager, department, product, tariff, source.


As a result, the CRM system and integration with GetCourse were fully configured, thanks to which orders are automatically transferred to Bitrix24, get into the right funnels, fill in the fields and create new contacts.

Automation is configured: robots and business processes.

Control over the execution of tasks at all stages is carried out, due to which the efficiency of work has increased.


Decreased decision-making speed for all employees. It has become more convenient to work, now managers do not need to switch between different systems. The whole process is concentrated in the Bitrix24 interface.

The work became transparent and controlled due to the fact that all channels and sources of leads were integrated. Processing is faster, nothing is lost, and you can always see the download at any stage.

Employees actively communicate in Bitrix24, participate in informal correspondence, and wish each other happy birthdays. The portal has become a unifying factor for them, especially when working remotely.


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