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Automation of the company's document flow, development of a report on the effectiveness of task completion

Field of activity:

The largest distributor of meat products in the Far East


Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate portal - 250


RMMT is the largest distributor of meat products in the Far East. Production of semi-finished products from meat, poultry meat, meat by-products under its own trademark "Lubimoe Meat"


It was necessary to develop a report on the efficiency of task completion, to automate the company's document flow - the process of agreeing and approving contracts, as well as all related organizational procedures. And create an electronic register of contracts.


First of all, we completed the transition from the cloud version to the box and started developing a custom task performance report. It takes into account the hierarchy of employees in departments and shows how many tasks have been completed, the number of comments, efficiency broken down by departments and calculates the total indicators of departments and employees.

Next, we conducted an audit of the customer's needs and got acquainted with the current scheme for signing contracts. Compiled TOR to automate this process using the capabilities of Bitrix24.

We have developed a business process that includes a flexible procedure for negotiating and approving contracts, taking into account all the needs of the customer. Including tasks for entering data on contracts in 1C. We also added the ability to track statuses at any stage.

We have implemented a universal list for storing data on contracts that are agreed through the developed BP. Comments from approving persons are stored in a separate multiple field and are visible both at the approval stage and for viewing after approval. This allows you to make the process of finalizing documents as transparent and efficient as possible.

We also provided for various scenarios in the process of negotiating contracts if there are comments from the approving persons. Numbering for income and expense contracts is performed automatically using the created numbering tool.


Any employee can initiate the process of agreeing and signing the contract. He fills out a special form in which he indicates the name of the contract, the subject of the contract in the form of brief information for managers, attaches files: contract, application, documents of the counterparty. Selects the type of contract: expenditure or income, the numbering in the register of contracts depends on this (it can be entered automatically or entered manually).

Further, the process goes to six managers for approval, they have access to read all the completed fields and can agree on the contract or return it for revision to the initiator.

In the case of a return for revision, a mandatory field "Comment" is provided, its content is entered in a separate multiple field of the element and is visible to all participants in the approval.

In this case, the initiator can choose 2 options:

  • Independently amend the contract and re-send the documents for approval.
  • Send a letter to the head of the legal department and, together with lawyers, draw up a protocol of disagreements.

After that, the initiator receives the task and agreed documents for further signing with the counterparty, and then uploads them to the appropriate field in the BP card.

The final signing of the contract with the General Director is handled by the legal department. And the accounting department receives the task of entering into a contract in 1C.

In the process of approval and signing when making changes, the document fields are overwritten with the current updated versions.


Previously, the company kept all the documentation in Excel and the initiator had to personally go to all the managers to coordinate the documents. After the creation of the BP, this procedure significantly reduced the time for agreeing and signing contracts. The possibility of losing documents is also excluded, since now they are all stored in a common registry. The convenience of work for all departments has increased, since all comments and remarks are visible during the approval process. It is convenient to track it thanks to the statuses. Managers monitor the effectiveness of task completion thanks to the developed report.

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