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Transition from AmoCRM, integration of communication channels, websites, organization of an eco-environment for high-quality communication between employees and with clients

Field of activity:

Lingerie shopping, bra fitting


WAZZUP, YClients, Mango, ВК, FB, Instagram, Marquiz

Bitrix24 version:

Cloud: Professional


Bustocracy is a new format of lingerie shopping, where professional stylists select underwear, swimsuits or shapewear.


  • Bra-fitting - selection or creation of a linen wardrobe
  • Styling for special events
  • Selection of shapewear

2 salons in Moscow and 1 in St. Petersburg


Previously, the company worked in AmoCRM, but since this system was intended only for sales, they decided to move to Bitrix24. Here there are more opportunities not only for sales, but also for automating all company processes.

The goal is to create an eco-friendly environment in which all employees can communicate efficiently with clients and each other.

Also connect all communication channels in Bitrix24:

  • WAZZUP - integration with WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Integration with Mango and new numbers from Bitrix24 telephony
  • VK lead forms, VK store
  • Open lines on the site
  • FB pages
  • Instagram

Set up integration with an online store, connect Marquiz to send quizzes.

Integrate YClients - client registration system.

Connect your email for training invitations.


After analyzing the company’s internal processes, we deployed the cloud Bitrix24 Professional tariff. We created all the users, set up the company structure and accesses:

  • Sales department (account managers for existing clients, leads for new clients, care managers)
  • Salons (administrators note in Bitrix24 when the visit to the salon took place)
  • Marketing department
  • Production
  • Financial department

Next, we connected all communication channels, websites, an online store, and the YClients consultation registration system to Bitrix24.


We set up call distribution logic.

We started migrating all data and setting up CRM: funnels, contacts, deals, cases, tasks, call information.

Business processes

We have made automatic distribution of transactions that come from YClients.

If a client signs up through a widget on the site, then this record goes into Bitrix24 as a transaction. And in this transaction, the system itself appoints a responsible manager.

A certain algorithm is set here, by which the system determines that if this is a repeat transaction and the work is carried out with an existing client, then the account manager will work with him, but if this is a new client, then a KEV specialist will work with him.

This automation takes into account the moment if the manager is absent from the workplace, because work is carried out in shifts, vacations or days off are also taken into account.

The person in charge is the one who can immediately take the deal to work.

Technical difficulties

We imported 260 thousand+ transactions and 100 thousand+ contacts, 254 thousand comments, 300 thousand calls, all this took time, since the volume of information is quite large.

Bitrix24 has a limitation: to build reports and be able to use analytics, there must be no more than 100 thousand transactions on the portal. We agreed on criteria for funnels and stages to remove irrelevant deals and developed custom REST scripts.



During the transfer of funnels from AmoCRM, we significantly optimized them. We removed unnecessary steps, unnecessary transactions and contacts that are outdated and do not contain important information.

Main funnel

We set up the main funnel for working with leads and clients.

Leads are pulled from all connected communication channels, and then they are distributed among managers. The manager contacts the client and if an appointment for a sconce fitting service or sale of products follows, the lead is converted into a deal


The key stage of work occurs when the client comes to the salon for bra fitting.

Registration for the service takes place on the website through the YClients form, or the manager himself registers the client, information about the registration automatically enters the transaction in Bitrix24.


On the eve of the consultation, the manager contacts the client and confirms that the record is current.


After the consultation has taken place, the salon employee notes this in Bitrix24. Also at this stage, information is recorded whether a further sale has taken place. And if not (for example, the required product was not available), the manager contacts the client after a certain time to continue the dialogue.

Feedback, complaints

3 days after visiting the salon, the client is automatically sent a request for feedback. And if the client responds, the manager transfers the transaction to the Feedback/complaints funnel.

Next, care managers work with the transaction. The answer can be either positive or negative; managers see and promptly solve problems, offer to come again, remake the product, or notify when a certain model becomes available, and also collect feedback on the work.

Internet shop

Integration of orders from the website for the purchase of linen has been set up; they fall into a separate funnel.

For each order received through the online store, a transaction is automatically created. This allows managers to quickly process orders, track their status and interact with customers.


For all employees of the company, we have created a Knowledge Base, recorded training videos to make it convenient to quickly train new employees, and also come back here if you forgot something. While working on the project, we regularly update this database.



Single space for all employees

Thanks to the implementation of Bitrix24, all company employees work in a single system. This made it possible to establish high-quality communication, where everyone knows their tasks and can quickly transmit information. Chats, live feeds, task setting, groups and projects - all this has become an integral part of everyday work.

Process optimization and automation

Integration of all communication channels and automation of business processes made work faster and more convenient. Orders and records for services are not lost, and managers always see up-to-date information and contact clients in a timely manner. Optimizing sales funnels allowed us to remove unnecessary things and focus on really important tasks.

Increasing the level of service

Automatic deal distribution and integration with the YClients recording system ensure high speed and accuracy of order processing. Customers receive timely notifications and confirmations, which significantly increases their satisfaction. The feedback and complaints system allows you to quickly respond to customer feedback and improve the quality of service.

Employee training and development

The created Knowledge Base and training videos help to quickly bring new employees up to speed and maintain a high level of professionalism. Regular updating of the knowledge base allows employees to always have up-to-date information at hand and quickly find answers to emerging questions.

Transparency and control

Thanks to integration with an online store, managers can track the availability of goods and the status of orders in real time. This allows you to avoid situations with lack of goods in stock and increase the accuracy of order fulfillment.

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