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Automation of the full transaction cycle, including the purchase of goods from the supplier and delivery to the client. Transition from cloud to box

Field of activity:

Procurement and supply of components


Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate portal - 50


The Atlant company is engaged in wholesale supplies of electronic components. Is the official representative and distributor of brand products Asia Semiconductor on Russian territory.

Offices in Vladivostok (work with clients) and in China (purchase of products).


At the time of contacting us, the client already had cloud Bitrix24 with minimal settings. Employees assigned tasks to each other manually, there was no control over their completion, and difficulties arose when working with procurement.

Conducting the transaction was complex, which required a number of nuances to be taken into account.

It was necessary to automate the entire work cycle: application from the client → request for a price from the supplier → processing the application, entering the sales cost → agreement with the client → contract, payment → purchase → delivery.

In the process, new tasks appeared that required a transition to the boxed version of Bitrix24:

  1. Automatic creation of product items and register based on the downloaded Excel file
  1. A convenient tool for quickly assigning sales prices to different items and setting a delivery date.


Before starting work, we carried out analytics, got acquainted with the technical specifications provided by the client and started setting up.

We migrated from the cloud version to the boxed version and transferred all the data.

We implemented a full transaction cycle, which combines work between different departments, communication between offices in Russia and China, automatic assignment of tasks to responsible employees and monitoring their implementation, setting purchase prices and sales costs, agreeing on the CP with the client, signing the Agreement, paying for the order, purchasing materials in China, delivery to the client and maintaining registers.

Conducted training for employees of the Russian office on working with Bitrix24.


Conducting transactions

Applications are received from the website, by email or by phone. There is a button on the website where you can download a sample application file, fill it out and upload it to a special form.

After the application is received by Bitrix24, a transaction is created and the process of processing it begins.

We described in detail how the whole transaction is conducted in the article. Organization of purchase and sales of goods in Bitrix24

Automatic creation of product items from an Excel file

After the manager has communicated with the client, he receives the task of attaching a file with the positions of interest to a special field in the transaction


The system processes the file and fills in the Products section based on it

After this, the transaction stage automatically changes to “Order in progress”. The system transfers goods to the CP Register, on the basis of which the cost of purchase and sale will then be filled in and a commercial offer will be generated for the client.

This is very convenient, since there can be 100-200 items in the file, you no longer need to enter them manually, the possibility of making an error is also eliminated, the system reads and fills everything out.

Quickly enter the sales price and delivery date

In order not to go into each position separately to enter the cost of purchase and sale, we have set up a convenient tool that allows you to edit these fields in the general list.


In the same way, you can change delivery dates in case they shift

Warehouse register

When the transaction moves to the “Control of delivery stages” stage and orders are first delivered to the warehouse, the warehouse employee is tasked with receiving the goods.

Based on the number of items received, the warehouse accounting register is automatically filled in, in which you can view the name of the product, quantity, and also track the status of each product In warehouse/Shipped/Item from the client

Warranty period and complaints

After the transaction is successfully completed, based on it, the system automatically creates a transaction in the “Warranty” funnel, since all products have their own warranty period of 12 months from the date of delivery to the client. If during this time the client makes a claim, the transaction moves to the “Claim” stage and the process of processing it begins. The manager fills out the information, transfers the transaction to the Manager, then to the foreign trade officer, and when he gives his resolution, the transaction is returned with a decision back to the manager.


Work is carried out faster and with better quality thanks to a transparent transaction process from receipt of an application, procurement to delivery to the client. Managers no longer set tasks on their own and do not worry about deadlines; the system itself suggests what needs to be done and when.

Bitrix24 employs 19 employees from different departments: Sales Department, Chinese Office, Logistics, Foreign Trade Employees. Full interaction between departments has been set up with specific access rights for each.

The speed of processing a list of products from customer requests has been reduced from several hours to several seconds, since products are now filled in automatically from the downloaded Excel file.

The speed of entering the purchase and sale prices of goods and the delivery date has also significantly decreased; now this can be done in two clicks, without having to go through each product separately.

For any product that came from China, you can track the status and check the quantity in the warehouse.

The setting of the Warranty period is fully controlled by the system and in the event of a customer making a complaint, responsible employees immediately get involved and promptly process it.

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