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Automation of processes for successful transactions and prolongation of work with patients

Field of activity:

Network of medical clinics


1C: Accounting, Medesk, Pact

Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate portal - 100


DocDeti is a network of medical clinics that combines many different services, using effective and safe methods of treatment, diagnosis and prevention.


The client already had Bitrix24, Professional cloud plan.

The client also uses the Medesk service, for which an integration was developed that transferred all requests and customer records to Bitrix24 for further analytics and improvement of service.

The main objectives were:

  • ensure effective operation of the integration, transfer to a separate server;
  • set up business processes for successful transactions to prolong work with patients;
  • configure telephony to receive call statistics.

During the work process, it became necessary to switch from a cloud portal to a boxed one. Since the company has a large customer base: more than 125,000 contacts, about 490,000 active transactions and there are many scripts for processing them, the system required optimization and expansion of capabilities.

After a while, the company decided to switch from the Medesk system to 1C: Accounting and it was necessary to set up two-way transfer of all data on clients, receptions and payments.


We took the Bitrix24 portal for support and began to implement the tasks. We transferred the integration to the customer’s server for security reasons. Previously, employees who no longer work for the company had access to the code. We connected to Gitlab, took the integration code for maintenance and added a new synchronization direction.

We made the transition from the cloud to the Bitrix24 box.


By telephony, the Asterisk PBX server was located directly in the customer’s office and a Mango virtual number was also rented. We have connected telephony for outgoing calls. We connected to the server through an additional application from Bitrix.Market, transferred the necessary settings and tested calls.


We set up two-way transfer of all data on clients, transactions (transactions) and payments between Bitrix24 and 1C.

Information is transferred from Bitrix24 to 1C: full name, age, phone number, appointments, promotional codes, payment type and other specific fields.

After the client pays for the appointment, the payment is recorded in 1C and immediately transferred to the transaction in Bitrix24.

Thus, 1C and Bitrix24 fully interact with each other.

Sending messages

We connected the Pact program to send messages from a WABA (WhatsApp Business API) account. We set up mailing scripts on the portal. We agreed on templates through 360dialog so that the account was not blocked and the mailing was not perceived as spam. We set up a business process that allows us to send timely letters and messages with reminders and new offers to patients through Pact. It is associated with a special template in html that contains the corporate design. In this process, a check is triggered for the product in the transaction with a pause for a certain number of days. If during this time the patient has not contacted the clinic, a letter is automatically sent to him according to one of the templates, depending on early requests.


Additionally, we set up robots and triggers to send letters and messages according to different scenarios and transfer successful transactions to another funnel for subsequent contacts with patients.

Promo codes

The company often holds promotions and sends promotional codes to customers.

Depending on the source (website, specific service), the system writes the corresponding promotional code into the transaction field.


And sends the client a letter using the template


The promotional code from the deal field is inserted into this template.

Applications for payment

We set up a specific process for approving Payment Requests within the company. It takes into account some nuances:

  • Payment requests can only be submitted by certain company employees (in different departments)
  • Applications from a certain number of employees go directly to the accounting department. Others go through the approval process, depending on the amount of payment, directly first from the Responsible Employee (it is determined according to a given algorithm and takes into account different departments), then transferred to the Accounting Department
  • The fields in the application are checked (for example: Amount, Date of payment, etc.)


We set up reports in CRM analytics for the marketing department that show:

  • Number of new deals from managers
  • Revenue for each manager (successful/unsuccessful transactions and amounts for them)
Data for reports is taken from transactions, since transaction = acceptance.

Technical difficulties encountered

Due to the large contact database at the company, the hard drive was full. We solved this problem, cleared the disk of unnecessary files and recommended increasing it to avoid such a problem in the future.


Created transactions and all information on clients and methods are transferred from Bitrix24 to 1C. Also in the reverse order, after making the payment in 1C, this information is immediately noted in Bitrix24. Both systems work harmoniously, thanks to which all information is always up-to-date and accessible. Mailings, messages and letters with notifications and offers for patients often work. Telephony is used on an ongoing basis – making patient appointments, consultations and any other questions.

The marketing department regularly conducts analytics based on reports, which allows us to improve the service.


The entire history of an appointment (transaction) with a patient is stored in a single place, including records of telephone calls for further analysis of the reasons for failure/success and the sequence of communication between the manager and the patient.

Thanks to robots and triggers on mailings, managers no longer send them manually; now this process is fully automated. This setup freed up a lot of time and eliminated possible errors.

Thanks to the connection between 1C and Bitrix24, all information on clients is relevant and available in real time.

Marketing department employees conduct high-quality analytics, forecasting and creating special offers for the clinic’s patients.


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