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Metallic & Co

Implementation of CRM, sales automation, Integration with 1C:Enterprise 8.2

Field of activity:

Manufacturer of stainless steel products: roofs, gutters, chimneys, etc.


1C: Enterprise 8.2

Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate Portal - 50


Metallic & Co. is a manufacturer of stainless steel products: roofs, gutters, chimneys, etc.

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The following tasks were set:

  • Implementation of a CRM system, automation of all actions to communicate with the company's customers and control of the work of sales managers.
  • Setting up the funnel of the wholesale and retail sales departments
  • Integration with 1C:Enterprise 8.2


Full cycle 1C-Bitrix24 implementation project.


We analyzed the company's business processes:

  • audit of external systems for integration with Bitrix24;
  • deployed a 1C-Bitrix24 box for 50 users;
  • completed the integration of communication channels (Mail, Facebook, Instagram);
  • integration with sites, transfer of applications from site forms and baskets to leads and deals;
  • set up the lead processing process, contact and company cards, and the transaction processing process;
  • made integration with 1C:Enterprise

Set up business processes

  • calculation of the LTV block - triggers on successfully completed transactions, calculates and writes to the card of the company associated with this transaction indicators: the total amount of transactions of this company, the average check, the number of transactions, the purchase period, the dates of the first and last sale;
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  • checking the admissibility of changing the responsible - triggers when creating / changing on deals, a similar process is also built on leads. It controls the fulfillment of the conditions for working with entities;
  • processing leads from websites - so that leads from certain sources and certain forms of websites immediately fall into retail or wholesale transactions;
  • create an order in 1C - is launched manually from the transaction card, when the manager decides to create an order in 1C based on the transaction;
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  • link a deal with a 1C order - is launched manually on a deal when it is necessary to link a deal with an existing order in 1C, while filling in the field with the order number in the card.

Completed the development

  • limiting the change of responsible;
  • limiting the number of transactions per manager;
  • automatic number format correction.


We have developed a custom integration of Bitrix24 with 1C via the REST API, which allows you to:

  • Create orders in 1C from a Bitrix24 deal;
  • Manual linking with an existing 1C order;
  • Synchronize statuses.

Created a unified client base for all departments with automatic recording of leads (clients) and communication history (contacts, needs, comments, tasks, telephone conversations) with access control.

We built the work of sales departments with leads, set up sales funnels in different areas, stages of transactions.


Leads from certain sources and forms of sites immediately fall into retail or wholesale transactions. The speed and quality of the transfer of leads between departments / sales managers, as well as the control of their processing and the fulfillment of tasks assigned to them, have significantly decreased. The LTV block is triggered on successfully executed deals, calculates and records the total amount of all successful deals for the company, as well as other indicators.

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