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Setting up the Corporate Portal and CRM on a turnkey basis, automating the opening of furniture stores

Field of activity:

Sale of home furniture



Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate Portal - 50


The Kompasmebel company has been successfully operating in the furniture market for over 20 years. It is one of the leaders and offers more than 100,000 items of goods produced by the largest Russian and foreign furniture factories. 20 salons are open in different cities: Moscow and the region, Tver, Yaroslavl.

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At the time of contacting us, the company's employees worked through Excel files, which was very inconvenient, there was no high-quality communication either with clients or between specialists at all stages of work. Also, there was no control. The purpose of implementing Bitrix24 is to maintain all the work of salons in a single online space. Since we already have extensive experience in implementing Bitrix24 on a turnkey basis, at the first meeting we showed all the capabilities of Bitrix24, which will help build quality and efficient work in the company and identified the first steps for implementation:

  1. Purchase and deploy the Bitrix24 Corporate Portal.
  1. Connect telephony Mango.
  1. Change on the Jivo-chat website to Bitrix24 chat.
  1. Connect applications from the site.
  1. Download client base.
  1. Build automation for opening salons.


We have deployed a test portal and connected the production and test portals to the git version control system. We added users and set up the company structure. Connected 2 telephony numbers Mango. Set up incoming and outgoing calls. On the company's website, Jivo-chat was changed to Bitrix24 chat so that there was a unified system for collecting applications without additional integrations. Set up requests from the site. When the client fills out the form, the data from it gets into the Lead card on the Bitrix24 portal.

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Separately, we set up the type of the Lead card and Deals: retail and online store, added the necessary stages, as well as a robot that sends reminders to the responsible manager to work with the Lead.

In transactions, in addition to standard fields, new ones have been added, such as: amount, room type, collection, and others.


Initially, the process of opening salons was as follows: a task was created daily according to the template, in which the employee, having come to work, should note that the salon is open.

We have added additional settings:

  • the head of the sales department receives statistics on which salon is open, when and by whom, and which is not
  • the manager cannot mark the opening of another salon
  • the manager cannot mark the opening of the salon after the task is completed (it closes automatically at a certain time)
  • the manager cannot close the task himself
  • divided the task templates in accordance with the opening hours of the salons (because on weekdays and on weekends the salons open at different times)

After the task is closed, a detailed report is created in the News Feed for the head of the sales department.

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At the end of the week, furniture stores from different cities upload a report on developments for the head of the sales department. This is a file that contains information about the visitors of the salon for the day, what they were interested in, what they bought, contact information.

We transferred the old client base from Excel files to CRM, and also made settings so that managers record this data for new clients immediately in Bitrix24, without additional files.


Conducted training for managers on how to work with clients in CRM and lead a deal to a successful close.

Set up access rights:

  • to transactions only for the sales department
  • for salons only to their deals

Added filters for deals by showrooms.

We set up a mandatory task “Indicate the reasons for the failure” in the transaction for analytics and service improvement. The head of the sales department works with this task.

Added notifications to the News feed about successful transactions. When a deal enters the Successful stage, a message is automatically sent to the feed with information that the employee has closed the deal, order data, and the amount.

This maintains team cohesion and also increases the motivation of managers.

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When the transaction is successful, a corresponding folder is created on the Disk, where the manager uploads all documents and files related to the transaction. On the last day of the month, the task is set for the head of the sales department - to fill out a monthly plan for each salon. Based on this data, a graph is built that shows a reconciliation with successful transactions and planned orders (times).

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Now 46 employees work on the portal:

  • Sales department
  • Logistics
  • Accounting
  • Service Department

Most actively on the portal, work is carried out in CRM, customer requests and needs are recorded, tasks are set and completed.

There is also communication through the News Feed, a transparent system of work is set up, process control, opening of salons, concluded deals.

All reporting is generated in a couple of clicks in a single window, which is convenient for predicting sales and identifying the reasons for customer abandonment.

In general, the overall picture of the life of the company is visible.

During the implementation of Bitrix24, there were some difficulties in attracting employees to the portal, as they got used to the old order of interaction. But after working in Bitrix24 for only a few days, they appreciated its advantages and convenience.


Thanks to the introduction of Bitrix24, the company has significantly accelerated the processing of orders coming from the salons to the purchasing and logistics departments. Managers maintain the entire client base and work with orders in CRM. They have quick access to all the details of the transaction, and thanks to the tasks, all orders are completed on time. The manager always has up-to-date information online about current transactions. He conducts analytics and forms a sales plan. And also monitors the opening of salons. All employees note the convenience of working in Bitrix24. The team has become more friendly, in case of closing successful deals, managers support and congratulate each other.

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