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Setting up a CRM and KPI system for employees and managers

Field of activity:

Hypermarket advertising and gifts


Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate portal - 50


Ingini is a hypermarket of advertising and gifts. Production of printed materials, printing, souvenirs and individual design.


It was necessary to complete the following tasks on the corporate portal:

  • Restore open lines, add new channels for working with clients and change the dialog distribution settings.
  • Set up the Lead, Deal, Contact entity cards in CRM, display the required fields, deal business processes, reports and statistics of open lines, send letters through the portal.
  • Implement a KPI system for sales-related employees. This system should take into account the average response time to the first request through any communication channels for managers. If this average time is less than 5 minutes, then the employee is awarded a bonus.
  • Implement a KPI system for individual heads of structural divisions, taking into account the amount of successful closed transactions. Depending on the implementation of the set plan, a different percentage of the salary increase is established.
  • For managers, add the ability to track employee sales time and sales amounts.


We deployed a test portal and connected the portals to the git version control system. To solve the problems, we began to correct errors, since some open lines channels stopped generating leads.

We integrated with the website, channel in Telegram and Avito. We added two numbers linked to WhatsApp and set up the ability for the client to evaluate the operator’s response.

Next, we started setting up CRM, user rights, and limiting the visibility of specific areas of transactions. We added new directions in the “Large Wholesale”, “Small Wholesale”, “Orders from the Site” transactions, their stages, robots and triggers.

We changed some standard CRM reports and open lines statistics blocks to display the necessary information. We created a script and configured a chatbot to work with open lines via Instagram using the Aimylogic application. To work with mail, we configured the SMTP protocol.

We created a business process for transactions, where the manager, communicating with the client, fills out a form with order details, on the basis of which list items are created for further work with them.

As well as a business process with the implementation of custom PHP code, which made it possible to add the necessary parameters for each of the directions. The standard functionality could not extract the data necessary to calculate the average response time to the first message. This data is used to calculate salaries and bonuses for employees and managers.

Separately, we have set up robots on leads that calculate the time from the moment of its creation to successful closure. It is displayed in a special user field, and non-working hours, weekends and holidays do not distort the calculation of this indicator.


Employees work daily on the Bitrix24 portal, communicate with clients and process orders.

Managers and heads of the sales department actively use the KPI system. Managers launch the process in the feed and indicate the time range for which they want to know their result. The business process returns the average response time to the first request.

Heads of structural divisions, when launching a business process, see a report on all managers and executives for a certain period of time. At the same time, the business process displays not only the percentage of sales completed by the manager, but also the amount of closed successful transactions, and also calculates and displays salary allowances. At the end of the report, the total amount of closed transactions for all employees for the specified period of time is given.


Thanks to the Bitrix24 setup, the quality of order processing has improved, it is convenient for managers to work with clients, they see the entire history of transactions and do not miss a single order from any communication channels.

Department heads have the opportunity to independently change the amount of the sales plan, as well as the values of salary bonuses in the KPI system.

The development and implementation of this system has increased the motivation of employees and gives them prompt access to the current situation in order to monitor the effectiveness of their work.

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