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Russian School of Economics

Development of a HelpDesk system, integration of a donation accounting system for NES

Field of activity:



Lake: organizing the collection and accounting of donations

Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate portal - 250


The Russian School of Economics (NES) is a non-state university aimed at education, corporate training, and the development of economic education in Russia and the CIS countries.


At the time of the request, the client had a cloud-based Bitrix24.

It was necessary to develop a Service Desk - a solution for submitting applications for various types of services (technical, administrative, etc.) to the relevant departments. And make integration with the Lake system to organize the collection of donations and record these payments within Bitrix24.


We analyzed existing Service Desk solutions, including those in the Marketplace, but since the requirements were specific, we developed our custom solution as a local application using the Bitrix24 Rest API. It is written in Node.js using docker and can run on the cloud and on the box.


Service Desk is implemented as a dynamic request form on the website. The range of services depends on the role of the applicant and the category chosen. The form allows you to write a comment and attach a file. Supports Russian and English.


After sending it is assigned a number. Under it, it gets into Bitrix24 as a task for a group that is responsible for specific services, and on email. Received an email with an application number

Two-way communication is set up via mail. After writing a letter, it gets into the comment to the task, and the answer in the comments is sent to the mail.

Tasks can be set not only from the site, but also inside the portal.


Next, we completed the transition from the cloud to the box for flexible configuration of further developments. And we started integrating with Leica to account for payments within Bitrix24. This integration uploads data about donors, creates contacts and donations themselves as elements of a universal list.


During the maintenance process, we set up a business process to link the donation list with contacts in CRM. And also completed the development of interdependent fields. We described it in detail on our YouTube channel.


For Service Desk, we have made an admin panel where you can easily configure available categories, roles and services themselves, and arrange their dependencies.

Integration with Leica allows you to view, sort, analyze donations.

Development by interdependent fields significantly improves the functionality of processes in the CRM feed.


Employees work every day in Bitrix24. Now they spend less time processing and accounting for donations, work with applications from the site, use the corporate portal to communicate between departments.

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