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We digitized the transaction from the moment the order was received, production, until it was received by the client, combined all communication channels, generated reports for analytics

Field of activity:

Engineering and manufacturing company



Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate portal - 50


Can Touch – Engineering and Manufacturing Company:

  • Serial casting (housings, covers, latches, boxes, adapters, etc.)
  • 3D printing
  • Design from scratch and reverse engineering using 3D scans
  • Painting, engraving

The company's office is located in Moscow


At the time of contact, the client already had the Bitrix24 Corporate Portal. It was necessary:

  • digitize the transaction in the sales department from the moment the order is received, production, until it is received by the client, taking into account the work with contractors on each transaction separately. Set up transaction directions for different order formats.
  • combine all communication channels in 1 place (requests from the website, MegaFon telephony, mail)
  • track margins on transactions and generate reports for further analysis


We have customized the Leads, Contacts, Companies and Deals cards to correctly display all the necessary information.

Added 3 funnels in transactions by areas of activity:

We have set up a database of contractors that are added to each transaction


We created a process that makes it possible to fill out all information on a transaction in a single window with automatic task setting

We set up a calculation of the transaction margin and a calculator to calculate the cost of producing a product, which takes into account the amount of purchased materials and the cost of the service.

We built a process for delivering an order to a client:

We added all communication channels to the portal, connected them to Leads and Deals.


Conducting a deal

Orders come from a CRM form posted on the website, by phone or mail. Leads are distributed among managers according to a pre-configured scenario.

The manager selects a service from the list and fills in the data


Next, the task is automatically set to indicate the payment method and issue an invoice to the client. The transaction stage changes to the appropriate one


Several payment options are available:

  • cashless payments
  • cash
  • payment by card
  • online wallet

At the next stage, the manager fills in information for Production


After payment has been received from the client, the order is transferred to Production. There, the responsible specialist receives the task Take the order to work. The task contains all the order details that the manager previously filled out.


Once the products are ready, the chief production employee checks the quality of the products and records this in the task. After which, the products are additionally checked by the manager who conducts the transaction.


If everything is good, the manager attaches closing documents to the deal, fixes the delivery option for the client and closes the task.

The order is delivered to the client by the selected transport company, and if the option is Pickup, the manager contacts the client and he picks up the order from the office.


We have created several reports to conduct analytics and improve performance

Closed transactions this month

Transaction volume by profit and company

And others

Transaction margin

We have created a calculator that calculates the production cost of each product. It takes into account the amount of materials purchased, depending on the chosen service, the volume (depending on it, there may be different purchase and sales costs).

The calculator takes the total cost of the transaction (1), subtracts the amount of materials purchased (2) and writes the net profit in a special field in the transaction (3).


Thus, you can view the profit on all transactions.


The portal employs more than 25 employees: sales department, production, logistics and accounting.

Transactions in all 3 directions are actively used.

Applications are no longer lost. Before the implementation, there were problems with mail, managers forgot to answer, missed calls, applications were lost from the site. Now there are tasks with regulated response times, thanks to which all orders are processed promptly.

The entire history of interaction with the client and with production is visible in the Transaction card.

Managers conduct analysis based on generated reports to improve performance.

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