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Implementation of Bitrix24, integration with 1C

Field of activity:

Stainless steel fasteners. Large and small wholesale



Bitrix24 version:

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate portal - 50


The BEST-Fixtures company is the largest wholesale supplier on the Russian market, selling hardware, rigging and fasteners made of stainless steel.


Most of the work of the company’s employees consists of processing applications from various sources and placing orders in 1C. Due to the lack of a full-fledged CRM system, the company turned to implement Bitrix24.


Main objectives of the project:

  • Minimize labor costs for placing an order;
  • Implement a unified system for prioritizing applications;
  • Organize the distribution of requests between managers;
  • Set up a system for monitoring the performance of managers;
  • Develop synchronization with 1C.


To solve the company's problems, a number of works were carried out to set up the CRM block, integrate with 1C with uploading companies/contacts/products/transactions to CRM, as well as sending commands from Bitrix24 to 1C to automate the creation of orders. We also integrated CRM forms into the company’s B2B portal and set up CRM analytics for several advertising sources. For this functionality, a boxed version of Bitrix24 was deployed.


Communication channels connected

  • Integration with Panasonic physical ATC. Integration using the Rander24 application;
  • Connecting mailboxes;
  • Integration of CRM forms into your Personal Account on the B2B portal:
    • application for registration;
    • application to change the details of a legal entity;
    • complaint request.

Lead and deal funnels set up

  • Setting up lead statuses;
  • Setting up deal funnels and their stages:
    • “New orders” - for orders (transactions) that are created from 1C;
    • “Technical support” - for processing requests from customers regarding support issues;
    • “Complaints” - for complaints created from the personal account of a B2B portal partner;
    • “Forms from the b2b portal” - for applications from the B2B portal.

Business processes configured

  • Automatic conversion of the lead into the desired funnel when the person in charge changes;
  • Using php activity code to set up an end-to-end analytics field depending on the input values of custom fields;
  • Automatically adding assistant managers to observers and transaction chat from the general manager’s employee card.

Setting up the End-to-End Analytics report

Connecting advertising accounts Yandex.Direct and Google Ads. Solving the problem of saving the utm tag when moving to other pages on the site.

Connecting Bitrix24 call tracking - Company website.

Integration with 1C

All work with orders takes place in 1C, all changes are automatically synchronized in B24.

  • Automatic creation of an order in 1C from a Lida card. By clicking a custom button in the lead card in 1C, the order creation card automatically opens. If the lead is a repeat lead, then counterparties/partners will be attached to the order creation card in 1C. Further, after placing an order in 1C, the lead is automatically closed and converted into a deal, which is in the direction of “New orders” transactions. Contact, Company and Products from 1C are included in the deal.
  • The ability to open an order page in 1C from a transaction, or create a copy of the order in 1C. Two custom buttons have been added to the transaction card for the user: “1C: Open window” and “1C: Create a copy of the current order”.

Integration with B2B portal

When creating a complaint on the B2B portal in Bitrix24, a transaction is created with a Universal list of complaint items. Synchronization of transaction statuses and complaint statuses in the B2B portal.


We have completed all assigned tasks.

Thanks to the implementation of Bitrix24, customers are not lost, requests are processed faster and with better quality, thereby increasing the company’s profit.

All necessary information is synchronized between Bitrix24 and 1C. Department heads control the work process at all stages of transactions.


Communication between employees in the company has been established. General tasks are carried out efficiently.

Labor costs for placing orders are minimized due to integration with 1C.

A management performance monitoring system helps improve the sales process.

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