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4 life hacks of boxed Bitrix24

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Глеб Антоненко


The boxed and cloud versions of Bitrix24 CRM are similar, but have some differences. In the material below, we will talk about 4 interesting life hacks of the boxed version that are not in the cloud. Consider how they can be effectively applied in the workplace.

1 - Authorization under another user

This feature is useful for company executives and portal administrators. Thanks to this feature, you can check access rights, how individual pages and sections are displayed on the user's work computer.

It can also help in the case when you need to solve the problems that a particular employee has with minimal time. There is no need to ask him to take a screenshot of the problem, make a test call, send an email. It is enough to log in under his name and see for yourself what the problem is.

How to do it

Go to Control Panel - Settings - User List.


Select the user under which you want to log in to the platform. To do this, you need to find his name, open the menu and select the Authorize item.


Click the Back button on the login page.

You will then be logged in as that user.

To be able to authorize under the name of a specific user, he must be a member of the My Company - Employees group. If this condition is not met, you cannot log in under the login of another user.

2 - Editing access through the admin panel

In the boxed version of Bitrix24, you can edit access rights through the Admin Panel. You can restrict access to individual pages or sections of the platform. For example: Live feed, List of employees, you can prohibit freelancers from viewing the structure and personal data of employees.


In the Administration section, open the "Company Structure" tab and select Edit Page - Page Access.


We change the access rights in the dialog box that opens for each of the groups of employees.


If the user is in a group with restricted access to certain sections, he will not see them. For example, here the user does not have access to the Company Structure.

3 - Closing custom fields from editing

This feature may be needed if a business process writes data to a custom field. The editing restriction makes it impossible to manually change this field.

How to do it

In the control panel, in the search bar, type Fields and select "Custom fields".


In the list, you can sort fields by object (deals/contacts/companies)


Select the required field, open its menu and click on Edit.

As a result, a field editing window will open, in which you need to check the box "Do not allow editing by the user"


4 - Create your own user groups

In the boxed version, in addition to the standard user groups, you can create your own groups to structure the company. For example, groups for freelancers. Thanks to the division into groups, you can flexibly set access rights to various platform entities.

To create a group, you need

Go to Settings and select the User Groups section.


Click on the Add group button and enter its data - name, description, set access rights on the Security tab.


After that, users can be added to the group from the user card settings.

How to set a condition in business processes

For example, it is necessary that the condition be processed for users who are members of this group


We select the field of the document Responsible, the condition Contained in and the user group - the group that you created before.

The listed features of the boxed version of Bitrix24 will help you flexibly configure CRM for more productive work.

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