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Set of discounted products in Bitrix24

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Глеб Антоненко

Trading companies, in addition to single product items, can sell a group of goods combined into a set.

For example: * a company that sells spare parts and components for cars. And instead of 1 product, he can sell a set of wipers (left and right) or a body kit (rear/front bumper and side skirts). * a company that sells cosmetics, care products, etc.

Additionally, when selling sets, they may be subject to a discount, so that a one-time purchase is more profitable for the client than buying goods separately.

However, in Bitrix24, accounting for kits, as well as the application of absolute discounts, is not implemented in the standard functionality.

We found a solution using 2 registries. Let's look at this functionality in more detail.

Product catalog

First, we create a Product Catalog, in which we enter the entire list of products and kits. It represents items with a selling price.

Filling out the kit register

The process of accounting for Kits for a company becomes very simple:

  • Add “Main product” (name of the set) to the catalog
  • Add an entry to the “Kits” register, indicating the Main Product and component products

And then the system automatically creates entries in the “Kit Contents” registry andcalculates the discount (the difference in the cost of the Main Good and the amount of composite goods), as well as the number of goods.


In the registryKits stored:

  • Main product (essentially this is the name of the set, you can open it and see the components)
  • Discount on set upon purchase
  • Number of items included

Contents of the kits

The composition of the kit accumulates data on the product items included in the kit

Discount on set

By default, Bitrix24 allows you to indicate a discount through product items only in %.

In our implementation, it is possible to apply a discount in absolute value (by specifying a specific amount) and avoid the Bitrix24 limitation.

Working with kits in a deal

In a transaction, the manager simply adds the necessary products from the catalog and, if necessary, also adds Kits, indicates their quantity, and the system automatically pulls up the necessary components and recalculates the amount, taking into account the discount.

Why is this useful?

Sets can be easily formed from different products. This is an indispensable tool not only for creating trade offers, but also during promotions.

The manager does not need to remember the exact composition and discount for a particular set; all information is stored in the system, which significantly speeds up sales.

The main thing is that this functionality is implemented without the use of program code and is available for configuration using standard Bitrix24 tools both on the cloud tariff and on the Corporate portal.

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