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Integration of Yandex maps and Bitrix24

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Bitrix24 CRM supports integration with Yandex.Maps. Integrators can make improvements and developments in CRM using the capabilities of the cartographic service from Yandex. Thanks to these developments, it is possible to solve specific business problems.

Address in the application for the departure of the employee to the client

Thanks to Yandex.Maps, an employee of a company's call center can specify the exact address for the manager to visit.

For example, with a large number of leads in the high season (from 500 or more), there are difficulties with errors in specifying the address. Especially if the erroneously written settlements and cities exist in reality.

Departure of the manager to the wrong address leads to unproductive expenditure of working time, customer dissatisfaction, additional travel costs.

To solve this problem, you can enter exact coordinates on Yandex.Map. That is, the call center manager marks the place where the employee should go with a dot on the map, and the address of this object is automatically pulled from Yandex.Directory and linked to the application.
In addition, you can automatically calculate the distance from the Moscow Ring Road or the company's office to determine the cost of the visit.

What does it look like

The call center manager creates an application, which automatically pulls data from the lead or deal.


To specify the client's address, you need to put a dot on Yandex.Map. At the same time, the card itself is displayed directly in the card that the manager fills out. Its coordinates are automatically displayed below, the address is pulled up automatically.


After that, it remains to indicate the date of departure and the data that the client reported during the call.

The created application can be sent to the application on the 1C: Enterprise platform. With the help of additional developments, it is possible to distribute applications between managers depending on their location in order to optimize the route.

Formed orders are consolidated in a universal list and displayed in each deal.

Adding the "Maps" section to Bitrix24

In this section, you can mark the location of various institutions.

What does it look like

This example shows the addresses of the nearest medical facilities.

Points on the map clearly show the location of institutions
A list of addresses and names of institutions is presented
Using the button, you can add new objects to the map.

These improvements were made for the boxed version of Bitrix24 CRM. Similarly, you can add different settings and parameters.


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