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Reactivation of the customer database in Bitrix24

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Глеб Антоненко

Each new client is the result of efforts aimed at attracting attention and arousing interest. It takes time, energy and investment, but the investment is worth it if we strive to create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

There are many tools available to maximize revenue from customer traffic and maintain good relationships. For example, using effective advertising, providing personalized services, and regular communication and reminders about your company will help strengthen your connection with customers and encourage repeat purchases.

In this article we will discuss an important tool - customer base reactivation.

How does reactivation work?

Basic mechanism of reactivation – wait N days and return the client for re-processing.

Dealing with failures

First, you should pay attention to the correct descriptionreasonscustomer failures.

Remember, if a client has a need for a product/service, he will find a way to satisfy it. To effectively return a customer, you need to understandfor what reasonit was not done in your company.

Examples of reasons:

  • Not happy with the price
  • Not satisfied with the delivery conditions
  • Not satisfied with the terms of payment
  • Didn't agree on the terms of the contract
  • Inappropriate request (request for a product/service that the company does not provide)
Focusing on causes, rather than consequences, allows you to effectively manage their solution.

Consequences of failures:

  • Bought it elsewhere
  • Left for a competitor
  • Chose another supplier

Setting the automation logic

After compiling a list of failures, we move on to a more detailed definition of the automation logic in Bitrix24 and selection of a solution for your business.

There are several important parameters.

Reactivation Options: Leads and Deals

Reactivation can be applied to Leads and Deals.

ForLidovmechanism is usually usedelement changes -transferring the Lead after N time to one of the stages of the “In Work” group


ForTransactionsthe mechanism is more often usedcopyingortransfer.

Copying - creating a copy of a deal in the same or another funnel.

Transfer - transfer of a transaction to a special reactivation funnel.

Example of settings on Trades

There are two transaction funnels - General and Reactivation.


If the client refuses to purchase or pay for services, the manager closes the transaction in the Main Funnel, indicating the reason for the refusal.


N time after the deal is completed, a copy of this deal is created in the Reactivation funnel.


After the manager has communicated with the client and agreed on the sale, the Deal from the Reactivation funnel is moved to General to the Invoiced stage.

This method not only effectively deals with failures, but also allows the reuse of potential that may have been lost.

Additional terms

The next important parameter isreturn period. For each reason, you can set a fixed return period, for example:

  • Not satisfied with the price - we return to work in 1 month
  • Stopped communicating - after 2 weeks

The return period can also be requested from the manager by asking him to select a specific reactivation date or the period after which the Lead/Deal will be returned for re-processing.


The number of reactivations can be finite or unlimited.


We indicateResponsible employee by Lead/Transaction, to whom we return the reactivation:

  • To the responsible manager
  • Special Responsible
  • Head of department
  • Into a common database for all managers and set up distribution logic

When a Deal/Lead is returned for re-processing after rejection, it is necessarynotifymanager about this. For additional control, a manager notification is also sometimes used.

The benefits of repeat business with clients

  1. Individual approach: Reactivation allows you to provide customers with a personalized experience based on their unique needs and preferences.
  1. Exclusive offers: Customers can be given special discounts and promotions to maintain interest and encourage repeat purchases.
  1. We maintain warm contact: Regular notifications and reminders about your company strengthen communication and maintain brand awareness.
  1. Problem solving: reactivation also provides an opportunity to identify the causes of failures and find ways to solve them, this will allow us to constantly improve the quality of the services provided.

Customer base reactivation is not only a way to increase revenue, but also an effective strategy for creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your customers.

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