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License Bitrix24. Enterprise

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Глеб Антоненко


IT solutions for large organizations for large businesses, corporations and government agencies.

A complete set with the maximum functionality and level of 1C-Bitrix support for large-scale projects that require better performance, fault tolerance and scaling.


  • Maximum platform functionality
  • Speed and unlimited scaling
  • Extended support and consulting from 1C-Bitrix
  • Internal information portals
  • HR portal for personnel management
  • Business process automation
  • Branch Collaboration Spaces
  • Corporate social networks
  • CRM systems - management and control of large sales departments
  • Board portals
  • Integration into IT infrastructure

1C-Bitrix: Enterprise is presented in a video of a cloud and boxed solution.

In the boxed version, the availability of the product in source codes allows you to flexibly configure the system, removes restrictions on customization and improvements, and also provides many options for integration with any third-party products.

Licensing procedure

1C-Bitrix: Enterprise can be purchased by subscription through our company. We are a gold partner of Bitrix24 with the "Large Corporate Implementations" competency.

In the cloud version, the subscription is available for 1, 3, 12 months. Boxed version only for 12 months.

Enterprise Advantage


Placing the project on a server cluster provides performance and fault tolerance 24/7. The Web Cluster module distributes the load across an unlimited number of virtual or physical servers. Geo-distributed solutions for fault tolerance at the data center level are also supported.

Additional benefits: unlimited amount of CDN traffic and disk space - for reliable storage of project backups in the 1C-Bitrix cloud.


Multidepartmentality allows you to run a separate version of the corporate portal for a company subdivision or department.

This functionality will be useful for companies with several offices or branches, especially in different cities or countries, which need to provide each of the structures with their own corporate portal and work with a common portal to coordinate activities. So each department will have its own portal for posting information related to this department.

VIP support and consulting 1C-Bitrix

Enterprise license holders receive technical support from 1C-Bitrix 24/7 with a minimum response time of 1 hour. Full project support from 1C-Bitrix is available: together we will work on the project and choose the best technical solutions.


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