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Collecting feedback, NPS

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Глеб Антоненко

Collecting feedback from customers is an integral part of the business strategy of companies. By collecting and analyzing this data, you can build successful and long-term relationships with customers, as well as:

  1. Improve products and service quality
  1. Build customer loyalty and attract new ones
  1. Get a competitive edge in the market
  1. Build marketing strategies
  1. Identify and fix problem areas early
NPS is a customer loyalty metric. It shows how satisfied the client is with the quality and is ready to recommend your company's products or services to their friends.

How to setup

In Bitrix24, this process can be implemented through a separate funnel in deals by adding several automatic actions

We clear the transaction card of all unnecessary information and leave only a few key fields:

  1. Customer (Contact, Company)
  1. Responsible
  1. Customer rating
  1. Feedback / wishes (optional)

After the customer has purchased the product or when the services have been provided and the main deal with the customer is completed, a deal is automatically created in the direction of NPS.

A message is sent to the clientlink to personal form to fill out a review about the company. Such a message can be sent through different communication channels:

  1. SMS
  1. WhatsApp
  1. Telegram
  1. Email
These services must be connected to Bitrix24 in advance. Paid integration is connected for Telegram, not to be confused with Telegram Bot Bitrix24

How does the manager see it?

For example, this is what sending via WhatsApp looks like

What does the client get

On a mobile phone, the client receives a message and follows the link. An NPS form opens, which he fills out at his own discretion.

Positive/Negative Evaluation

After the client has filled in the fields and clicked “Submit”, the information is immediately loaded into the deal card, and then automatically distributed into the Positive/Negative evaluation stages, depending on the configured logic.

If the score is positive, the transaction is successfully completed.


Otherwise, if the client gives a negative rating, the transaction ends as a lost one and the task is set, for example, to analyze this review at the ROP


In the task, you can duplicate the assessment of the client, his wishes and indicate who was the responsible employee for this transaction

Motivation system for managers

You can build a motivation system for managers, which will be based on positive ratings, reviews and wishes of customers, based on the data of the NPS funnel.


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