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Setting up the Cashback bonus system in Bitrix24

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Глеб Антоненко

To attract and retain customers, some trading companies use a bonus system in the form of cashback.

Regardless of the field of activity and the size of the company (from small businesses to large corporations), such a reward system allows you to build and strengthen relationships with customers, increase their loyalty, and increase the average bill.

Bonus Accounting

When building a system of bonuses within the company, you need to solve several key tasks:

  1. Determine the format of bonus accrual
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      Example 1: bonuses can be accrued as a percentage of the purchase amount.If the amount is less than or equal to 50,000 rubles, then the bonus will be 5%, if the amount is greater, then the bonus is 7%.
      Example 2: Applying a gradation system.The more the customer buys, the greater the cashback amount.
  1. Organize bonus accounting
    1. Implement an automatic system that, after each purchase made, will record and summarize the values on the client's bonus account.

  1. Additional options
    1. For example, bonuses may have an expiration date, after which this amount is automatically deducted from the bonus account.

How to use the bonusy

When the client has placed an order, the manager checks the client's bonus balance and indicates the discount amount for the product. This amount will be debited automatically at checkout.

Client notices

You can notify the client about the current balance of the bonus account through:

  • SMS
  • Messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • Information call

Register of bonuses

In the client card, you can see the entire history of accruals and write-offs of bonuses, as well as their validity period

Benefits of the bonus system

Bonus systems are not limited to attracting and retaining customers. They greatly simplify the work of managers, as they are a convenient tool for accounting and data analysis. And they have a few more advantages:

  • Bonuses are accrued and written off automatically, without manual operations by the sales department
  • The client can find out the status of his bonus balance at any time by simply making a request to the system
  • Carrying out personal actions. Based on the register of bonuses, it is possible to analyze and collect data on the needs and preferences of customers, and then form individual offers, additional discounts or rating upgrades

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