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Cost accounting in Bitrix24 and how it is useful

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Глеб Антоненко

Taking care of the financial stability of the company is very important for successful business.

Accounting for company expenses is a systematic analysis of all costs, which includes financial transactions such as the purchase of goods and services, employee salaries, rent, etc.

Purpose and benefits of cost accounting

The main purpose of cost accounting is to create a complete picture of how the company's budget is spent, which allows management decisions to be made for growth and efficiency.

The benefits that the company can derive:

  • Cost control and optimization
  • Automatic calculation of net profit
  • Calculation of bonuses and KPIs for employees
  • Notifying managers about unprofitable transactions
  • Comparing different types of trades and finding the most profitable ones
  • View the total amount of expenses for all client transactions
  • Categorization of expenses and analytics by category

Cost control

To track expenses, a separate tab has been created in the transaction card. There you can view details for each expense

It is also possible to add additional fields. For example, you can take into account the date the expense was added, category, client, or leave comments.


To add an expense, you need to click on the "Add item" button and fill in the required fields.


You can configure different access options for employees: either allow them to only add records (recommended), or add, edit and delete.

Example, the sum of all expenses for client transactions

An example of calculating a bonus for a manager

This solution allows you to increase the motivation of managers by simplifying the calculation of the potential bonus for a transaction.

Previously, managers could only approximately calculate their income, and the exact values were known only after the salaries were calculated by the accounting department. This process can be automated anddisplay the potential bonus amount in the deal card.

The difficulty was that the bonuses were calculated from net profit, that is, it was necessary to take into account all the costs of the transaction, as well as taxes and deductions. The standard functionality of Bitrix24 does not provide the ability to track expenses, only income from a transaction.

The deal card has fields for displaying the amount of all expenses and for the amount of the manager's bonus (it is calculated taking into account all indicators).


If the amount in a transaction changes, for example, new expenses are added, recalculation occurs automatically, so the manager will always have up-to-date information.


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