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Custom design of the Bitrix24 portal

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Глеб Антоненко

The custom design of the Bitrix24 corporate portal strengthens the company’s brand and combines tools for managing information, communications and business processes.

Interest in custom design comes as companies seek to express individuality and increase efficiency. Standard solutions can provide basic functionality, while custom designs adapt the interface to a company's unique style and processes.

It is becoming an important element of the strategy of companies aimed at innovation and improving the corporate experience.

Standard Bitrix24 design
Custom design Bitrix24

Branding and Uniqueness

The unique user interface serves as the language in which the company communicates with employees. Visual identity is expressed through corporate colors, style and structure.

Important elements are integrated into the design, maintaining a consistent style and shaping the perception of the brand. Custom portal design is more than just a beautiful shell; it serves as a business card of the company.

Productivity increase

A specially designed interface has not only an aesthetic value, but also a functional one; it improves the user experience, making work on the portal more intuitive and efficient:

  1. INthe ability to emphasize what is necessary and hide what is unnecessary. In reality, almost no one uses all the functions of Bitrix24. This is a universal platform that can be completely reconfigured to suit you,securing the most important and frequently used elements.It also becomes easy to train new employees.
  1. Add reports, graphs and other elements from external sources to the main page in real time. You no longer need to open additional tabs, all information will be at your fingertips.
  1. Canadd additional navigation bar, securing it to it corporate elements and quick links, for example: booking a workplace, parking, event reminders, a knowledge base for employees, instructions, links to elements both inside the portal and to external services. Employees can edit them if necessary.
  1. Changing the display of standard elements, such as Contact, Company, Deal, Lead, Task, Application, Employee Profile and others.
  1. Additional visual effects on the portal: animation of images, messages, Happy Birthday greetings.
This is just a small part of what can be done thanks to custom design in Bitrix24. It is possible to make any changes and focus only on the important details for your company.

Benefits for various industries

Custom portal design makes it possible to bring interesting ideas to life and highlight the unique features and values of the company. A few examples:

  • Production: design adapted to the visualization of production processes: the use of graphs and diagrams depicting production cycles and quality control.
  • Construction and real estate: the use of 3D visualizations, architectural features, real estate search tools, interactive maps and 3D tours of properties.
  • Commodity business: integration of unique graphic elements, image galleries, interactive catalogs, inventory control, sales analytics charts.
  • Medicine: medical data management, analytics to monitor the effectiveness of processes and treatment, Online appointment booking, electronic forms for filling out questionnaires and recommendations for health care. This helps improve the quality of care and patient experience.
  • Finance: adding graphs, charts, infographics visualizing key financial indicators, current financial world news collected from external sources, which will help users quickly assess the situation and make informed financial decisions. You can integrate online tools to manage accounts, payments, investments, transactions and monitor financial processes.
Custom design emphasizes the individuality and visual presentation needs of any business.

Seamless transfer of another industry CRM to Bitrix24

Custom design allows you to repeat the appearance of a previously used system on the Bitrix24 platform and, if necessary, you can also repeat the operating logic.

If for some reason (for example: problems with service availability, lack of functions) it is not possible to use a certain service, you can perform a seamless migration to Bitrix24.

In the future, such a transfer will also be economically beneficial, because New settings will appear.

This option is also useful because you do not need to retrain all employees to use the new system. For them, visually the service will be no different.

What you need to create a custom design

  1. Let's find outwhat needs to be customized:what elements to add, what to hide, decide on the style, colors, elements, etc. We calculate the economic effect of what should be improved and what should be abandoned.
  1. CompilingTechnical specifications and design layoutto present the “finished picture”.
  1. Let's start with the settings.
There are no design restrictions. We help at all stages to make it as effective as possible for your business.

Development trends

With the development of technology, custom design in Bitrix24 integrates modern elements such as animations, interactive elements and artificial intelligence technologies, etc.

There is a noticeable increase in demand for the implementation of custom design on a corporate portal, and this trend can be explained by the company’s need to stand out in an increasingly saturated market. Uniqueness and individuality form the visual identity of a brand.


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