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Error “No connection to server” in Bitrix24 (box)

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Глеб Антоненко

The appearance of this means that there is no connection to the Bitrix24 Push&Pull server, which is responsible for interactivity (immediate delivery of messages to chats, changing statuses in CRM without rebooting, etc.)


Try in incognito mode/another browser. If it reproduces, then let the administrator who maintains your portal know. If it does not reproduce, then the problem is on the side of the user's browser - you need to clear the browser cache.


In the admin panel Settings - Tools - System Check

run a test in the Portal Operation and Configuration Testing tabs

see that the Push and Pull Queue Server has a normal status


  • There are no problems on the side of the server itself, all checks pass
  • None of the external (non-office) networks play

Suspicions about your internal network nuances. Perhaps WebSocket connections are being blocked. Check:

  • firewall
  • antivirus
  • ad blockers

Blocking can occur both at the level of your computer and at the level of your organization's network. Contact your administrator.

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