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Easily manage leads from different sources

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Глеб Антоненко


Every company uses different sources to generate leads.

Some connect a large number of channels, for example,dozens of emails, forms from several sites, Avito, various instant messengers, telephony and others.

For convenient distribution in the sales department, all leads can be sorted.

The Lead Source Distribution Process

The Lead card has a standard field - "Source", but it is not informative enough, as it shows only general information:

  • Incoming call
  • Online chat
  • CRM form
  • Email
  • Open line (messengers)

Therefore, we add our field - "Source (automatic)",for which the business process will distribute Leads according to certain conditions and indicate more detailed data on the source.

Example from a real case

The client has several websites, each of which contains different phone numbers, emails and forms for filling out an application.

When a Lead is created in CRM, the process of its processing starts and the source is checked.

For example, if an incoming call comes from a phone number listed on one of the sites, then the name of the Lead is automatically filled withphone number, specifying that it was an incoming call and the address of the site where this number is located.


Initially, the lead hitsdispatcher bot, then the manager manually takes it, thus changing the Responsible to himself.This setting is individual. You can make automatic distribution of Leads between managers.

Additionally, we installed the program for the clientCallCard, it allows you to get detailed information on the contact, withincoming call.

Analysis of the effectiveness of lead sources

Taking advantagefilterby the Source field (automatically), you can sort leads for each channel separately.


You can also useend-to-end analytics reports by traffic sources Leads, to analyze and determinethe most effective recruitment channels.


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