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Get Rid of Excel Spreadsheets with Reports

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Глеб Антоненко


By default CRM Bitrix24 availablestandard preconfigured reports andpersonal, which are created manually, depending on the needs.

Standard reports

For example, consider a standard report - "Volume of transactions by managers».

In the first line we see the data outputfor each responsible employee.

The bottom line isthe sum of all data for all Responsible.


On the right side we seefilter. Here we can setperiod,for which you want to display data, selectresponsibleemployees and askother options.

Just below the filter isreport description. This is not a mandatory field when creating reports, but if you use it, it helps to quickly navigate the purpose of this report.

Personal reports

We can create custom reports from scratch.

Method 1

We press the button"Add report". Then select the entity for which the report will be generated:

  • A deal
  • Goods
  • Lead
  • Check
  • Case

Press "Farther” and proceed to the settings.

Method 2

Can docopy of standard report, give it an individual name and description, change the columns with the desired parameters.

Client report example

Consider the report -Monitoring the performance of the Sales Department».

Initially, the client usedexcel files, with formulas set up in them that calculated the data in the table for the sales department - but this report wasdifficult, it was divided into 3 files.

And while usingBitrix24it became clear that all calculations and control can be donewithin one system.

The report was based on the performance of managers. Columns have been renamed, as in excel tables, to minimize changes and make it easy for employees to navigate.

This report calculatesnet proceedsand revenue excluding returns.

Also considered separatelyreturns are those transactions that were successful, but then, for some reason, the sale did not occur.

There is alsonumber of sales and average check without returns is the average value taken from the field -net proceeds.

By default, the period is set to all time.

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