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Convenience of reports in Bitrix24

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Consider the implementation of a subreport in one of the cases

The essence of the problem

The client's specialists have a traveling nature of work, which implies regular filling out of reports. Implemented separately in Bitrix24absence pagein which employees fill in data. The manager checks the reports of employees for the day.

It needed to be set up in the report for the day, a subreport for each of the absencesso that the manager can immediately see all the details in one place.

How it works

In the report for the day, we set up an automatic link, by clicking on which the employee fills out the absence form:


After filling out the form, the employee gets the task to Download the report and indicate what was achieved as a result of the visit.

After that, all data on absences are automatically included in the Report for the day.We have clearly shown in this video

Outcome and usefulness of the report

Employees do not need to do extra steps and copy the data for each absence into the daily report.
The manager has access to all the information in one report.

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