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Connect WhatsApp to Bitrix24

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Глеб Антоненко

Why is this integration useful?

WhatsApp integration with Bitrix24 makes it possible to:

  • receive messages from clients in Bitrix24 CRM and promptly respond to them;
  • analyze the effectiveness of this communication channel;
  • it is easy to find the messages you need and segment the audience according to your own rules, using Bitrix24 filters.

Integration options

In-house integration

The Bitrkis24 contact center has the ability to connect various services in a regular way, but specificallyWhatsApp requires the use of third party applications.

By default, the application that Bitrix recommends is not currently available in the Russian Federation. But there are other solutions as well.

Let's consider options on the example of our customers.

Sending messages via WhatsApp

The company adheres to the official style of communication with customers, for this they use mailings via WhatsApp.

You can send message templates to WhatsApp using Pact.

Before sending a message, there is a mandatory approval of the letter template with Facebook, which is carried out through the Dialog360 service. Facebook so that the letter does not violate any rights and is not spam. Then the distribution starts.

Chat between managers and customers

You can conduct active correspondence between managers and customers in a chat using the Wazzup service.


Messages from WhatsApp go to the Bitrix24 chat, where they are processed by managers.

Virtual whatsapp

In Bitrix24, you can set up a free service Bitrix24.Virtual WhatsApp


In this case, the chat opens only after the client has written and remains active for another 24 hours from the moment of the last message. If there were no new messages during this time, the chat is automatically closed. It will be saved in CRM, but it is impossible to resume and continue correspondence in it.

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