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Job Application Template

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Глеб Антоненко


Employees of our customer's company regularly conductedsearch for specialists, using applications inside Bitrix24.

Applying for a specialist

Used to applyuniversal list, in which data on the candidate is filled.

Often the contents of the fields in the list did not differ by applicant. For example, the city, planned business trips, higher education and others. But since there are a lot of applications, I had to re-fill in the same information.

To speed up this process, we have implemented the ability to usea template to automatically fill in these fields.

Application template

The application template selection interface consists ofbuttons with a dropdown list. The display area in the list contains a maximum of 5 entries (orders).


When the user fromdropdown list selects a record of his orders, automatically all fields in this form are filled with values from the previous order.


Benefits of Using Templates in Generic Lists

This automation eliminates routine actions and significantly saves time for employees.

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