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How to simplify the adaptation of new employees in the company

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Глеб Антоненко


Every company has a process for onboarding new employees.

It can be done manually using entries in Excel spreadsheets, calendars, and even phone reminders.

This whole process can be carried out in one window, and moreover, it does not need to be controlled independently, all points of interaction with a new employee - meetings, calls, tasks for execution, can be automated and the system itself will assign them to employees.

Personnel adaptation process

Let's take one of the cases as an example.

The company recruits new employees and monitors their adaptation within one year.

Each new employee is assigned a responsible employee who will communicate with him, monitor growth and compliance with the adaptation plan.

How implemented

We created a separate funnel in CRM for the HR department and distributed access rights in it.

Before us is a funnel of Transactions - Adaptation of personnel. Funnel mapping done in kanban.


The Human Resources employee creates a deal manually and fills in the required fields.


Further work is fully automated and based on triggers.


For example, when a task with a held meeting closes, a trigger fires and moves the card to the next stage.

The card itself has the ability to chat with all participants in the process.


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